Taking a drone on a plane: a travel guide

Let’s face it, aerial footage looks awesome - but it looks even better if you can capture some of the scenery you might only get to savour for a few weeks a year. If you think taking a drone on your holiday this summer is going to be a challenge - think again as we have you covered (as always!) to be properly prepared for any restrictions in place.

The best practice for taking your drone abroad is to check-in the actual drone, controller, and accessories in your luggage. Then pop the batteries, the camera gimbal, and memory card case in your carry-on.

Sometimes, even this can be problematic - so we've come up with the ultimate travel safety pack for the DJI Mavic Pro. As a rule of thumb, Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) batteries are usually not allowed inside checked-in baggage. The explosion proof and fire resistant bags we've developed allow you to safely transport 4 DJI Mavic Pro batteries in your carry-on hand luggage.



The LiPo protection bag can also be used to charge your DJI Mavic Pro batteries. Cool right?

Adding the silicone cover to the battery port also offers full protection against dust and scratches and eliminates the risk of short-circuiting. In short - it will also make your life way easier when you want to take your Mavic with you when you travel by plane.

Want to know why this is so important? We’ve prepared this little booklet that runs through the rules and regulations to help you get your drone through customs with ease:


If you’ve ever seen how checked in bags get managed then you’ll know it’s like a roller coaster ride, so we recommend putting some of the more delicate drone components in your carry-on and - there’s a bunch of official hardshell cases from DJI which should work wonders. If you’ve got small parts and accessories and need a hard shell case then we might have something to cater to your needs.

Once you safely arrive at your destination and step out into the beautiful sunshine you’ve been dreaming of for the last six months, be sure that your drone footage isn’t ruined by all that solar glare. We’re currently only offering sun hoods for the DJI Mavic Pro, but you should be able to find similar products for your drone online.

If you’re more of an adventurer or thrill seeker, you might be flying your drone in some pretty rugged environments where smooth, graceful landings might not be an option. Our landing gear kit for the DJI Mavic Pro gives your compact drone the extra ground clearance it needs to land in even the most troublesome terrain.

Upcoming: Accessories for DJI Spark

We have a bunch of new accessories coming up for DJI Spark drones - including battery packs, caps, sunhoods, landing gear, propeller protecters and much much more.

If you own a Spark or are thinking of getting one, sign up here and we'll let you know when they launch.


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Bonus: Get these beautiful aerial screensavers from Apple

These incredible screensavers from Apple are probably the perfect background for drone enthusiasts and will make you want to get out, fly, and capture some incredible footage. Careful installing these on your work computer as you may get too mesmerized to do anything productive.

Here’s how to get it on your Mac or PC.

For macOS users, John Coates has a download and installation guide on Github.

For Windows users, Github contributor cDima has an incredibly similar project and setup. Just download the installer, run it, then select “Aerial” as your designated screensaver for your operating system per usual. You can also tweak some settings and get the latest Aerial videos from Apple, make it so a different video plays on each of your multiple displays, and set favorites so you always get to see the videos you like. You can find both installers and guides at the links below.

You can also tweak lots of the settings and get some incredible effects from what Apple has done, even cycling between your favorite spots day and night. It's our favourite project this week so go check it out.

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