About us

The best in photography accessories, made by adventurous photographers.

We’re a team of adventurous photographers, and the only thing we love more than getting that perfect shot is making it easier for someone else to do it too. It all started with the most affordable selfie stick on the market, back when selfie sticks were still the next best thing. These days, we make all kinds of products for all kinds of cameras, whether they’re in the air, under the water or just about anywhere else.

Our lines for action cams, aerial cams, standard cams and mobile devices help amateur photographers achieve shots that are anything but every-day. If you’re a professional, we’ve got what you need, too – reliable, made-to-last cleaning supplies, mounts, travel cases, tripods and remotes that up your game in more ways than one.


We love to hear from journalists and bloggers. Email us at marketing@camkix.com with press inquiries or collaboration pitches.