Ease muscle pain and stress with the Eco-Fused Self-adhering Bandage

Attention, sports enthusiasts! Among the newest releases of our affiliate, Eco-Fused is the Self-Adhering Bandage that eases muscle stress or pain. The bandage comes in packs of six and provides optimum support.

The Eco-Fused Self-adhering Bandage is good for injured muscles, tendons or body parts that need extra support. It sticks easily to the skin and stays elastic, water repellent and breathable. 

The self-adhering tape is made up of lightweight materials.

With its flexibility, it adapts to the shape of the body part by which it is used on.

There are four sets of packaging containing bandages in various widths and colors. Each pack comes with 6 rolls of bandages with 5 cm and 2 cm widths in different colors such as brown, light brown, black and white.

Enjoy our introductory offer of 20% discount when buying the bandages! Just enter the code EFBAND20 upon checkout on Amazon.


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