Thumbscrew Set for Gopro Hero

Thumbscrew Set for Gopro Hero

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  • HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM AND RUST-FREE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: The head of the screw is made from high quality aluminum, while the shaft and acorn nut are made from rust-free stainless steel. The entire unit is very strong and durable.
  • DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR STANDARD PLASTIC GOPRO SCREWS: These screws are the same shape and can be used in the exact same way as the original GoPro plastic screws.
  • RUBBER WASHER FOR EASY TIGHTENING: The rubber washer provides a cushion between the screw and the mount/case. This will help prevent damage or abrasions and will make the screws easier to tighten or remove. If you prefer to use the screws without the washer, simply remove the acorn nut and roll the washer off of the screw.
  • EASY OPEN TOOL WILL HELP TIGHTEN OR UNDO THE SCREWS: Some users find that the thumbscrews can be difficult to tighten or remove. We’ve provided an opening tool that fits over the screw itself and provides more leverage to make this task much easier.
  • LONG AND SHORT SCREWS INCLUDED: The long screw used for attaching your GoPro housing to a mount – the screw is placed just below the case. The short screws are for attaching extension arms or base mounts.

    Strong and Durable GoPro Thumbscrews

    CamKix thumbscrews for GoPro Hero are a high quality aluminum and steel replacement for your original plastic thumbscrews. They come in 3 different colors; midnight black, electric blue, and bonfire red – so they give your Gopro some added attitude!

    The screws are easy to tighten and remove. We’ve included a rubber washer which will create a cushion between the screw and the adjacent surface, reducing tension and potential abrasions. The package also includes an opening tool which fits neatly over the screw head and provides extra leverage making tightening and unscrewing very easy.

    The long screw in the pack is for use directly underneath your camera casing – so that there is enough length for you to easily access the screw head. The shorter screws are made to attach base or extension mounts.


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