Selfie Stick for Smartphones

Selfie Stick for Smartphones

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  • PLEASE NOTE - THIS VERSION OF THE SELFIE STICK DOES NOT COME WITH A REMOTE: If you choose to buy the selfie stick without a remote, you can use the self timer on your phone to delay taking the photo while you get in position. If your phone does not have this feature, you can download a free app via google play or the Apple store.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE EXTENSION 11” – 40”: Adjust the length of the selfie stick to get the perfect shot. Use a short length for intimate shots and a longer length to cram in more people or background.
  • UNIVERSAL PHONE HOLDER SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE DEVICES: You can use the universal phone holder for any device up to 3.25” in width.
  • 180 DEGREE ADJUSTABLE HEAD: The mount at the top of the selfie stick can be positioned at any point through a 180 degree arc, allowing you to adjust the position according to the specific shot you are taking.
  • LIGHT AND COMPACT – WILL EASILY FIT IN YOUR HANDBAG: Ideal for a spontaneous selfie – at only 11” long when retracted, this stick will fit conveniently into any small bag.

    Are You Unsatisfied With Your Selfies? The Selfie Stick is the Solution!

    PLEASE NOTE: This version does not come with a remote. Please select a selfie stick "WITH REMOTE" if you would like a bluetooth remote included in the package.

    The CamKix fully adjustable Selfie Stick will help you take awesome self-portraits with your cell phone.

    The stick is light and compact so will fit conveniently into your handbag or backpack – easily accessible for a spontaneous selfie!

    It extends from 11” to 40” and can be adjusted to any length in between. The head of the stick can bend through 180 degrees, so your cell phone can be placed in the best position for whatever shot you are taking.

    The universal phone holder is suitable for any device up to 3.25 inches in width and can be used with many different cell phones.

    The selfie stick comes with an adjustable wrist strap and retail packaging.

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    1 x Selfie Stick
    1 x Universal Phone Holder
    1 x CamKix Wrist Strap

Questions & Answers

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  • Will this item work with an iPhone 6 plus?

    Yes By M B Fine on November 22, 2014 .

  • does it work with the iphone 6+

    Hi william, This selfie stick will work for iPhone 6+. The phone holder can extend up to 3.4 inches and the iPhone 6+ only has a width of 2.64 inches. Hope that helps. Kind Regards, Angie/ECO-FUSED By EF Customer Care on December 24, 2014 .

  • Do you find that having a remote instead of a button on the stick is a pain? So you need 2 hands to take a pic,1 for the stick & 1 for the remote?

    No By F KEITH BUMGARNER on February 23, 2015 .

  • Can you mount a camera? (and use the self timer feature) Is it sturdy enough to hold the weight of a small digital camera?

    Hi Sherin, You can use the Universal phone holder for any device up to 3.25" in width and the stick is sturdy enough to hold it. Kind Regards, Angie/ECO-FUSED By EF Customer Care on January 14, 2015

  • will this fit the new Iphone 6

    Yes, the support is adjustable and fits any phone model By ANDREA RIQUELME on September 24, 2014 .

  • will this fit the iPhone 6?

    Yes it does. That is the phone I use. One thing to know is u can only use it horizontally but not vertically. The reason is the weight of the phone will cause the stick extension to rotate. Luckily that is usually the best way to take most photos By DrCrovatt on November 9, 2014 .

  • Does it work on gopro

    Hi Mollie, The selfie stick and the Bluetooth remote do not work with GoPro cameras. They can only be used for iOS and Android phones. Hope that helps. Kind Regards, Angie/ECO-FUSED By EF Customer Care on April 24, 2015

  • compatible with iPhone plus?

    Nice By alice casimiro on February 13, 2015

  • Hi, can you use the bt remote with a gopro?

    Hi Martin,GoPro cameras use Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth to communicate with the Remote and GoPro App. Hope that helps.… see more Hi Martin,GoPro cameras use Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth to communicate with the Remote and GoPro App. Hope that helps.Kind Regards,Angie/ECO-FUSED see less By EF Customer Care on November 26, 2014 .

  • Will it fit the Samsung Note Edge?

    The remote itself didn't work. I bought another and it still hasn't worked. By Danielle DiNicola on January 4, 2015 .