Lens Kit for iPhone 4/4S - 8x Telephoto

Lens Kit for iPhone 4/4S - 8x Telephoto

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  • Get the most out of your iPhone photography with this handy kit.
  • Powerful 8x zoom lets you to clearly focus on distant objects.
  • Mini tripod features extendable/retractable legs for more precise positioning.
  • The hard case allows you to easily attach the lens with no need for damaging adhesives.
  • The universal phone holder allows you to mount a range of different smart phones on the tripod.

    A Powerful Lens to Get You 8 Times Closer to the Action

    The CamKix telephoto lens kit allows you to capture close up shots of your subject from a distance. It comes with a mini tripod for added stability and flexible positioning.

Questions & Answers

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  • Can you actually zoom in-out, or are you stuck at an unchangeable zoom-in of 8x as implied by one of the reviews?

    You can focus it, but that's it. No zooming in or out. By jayme on April 29, 2014 .

  • Would you recommend this? If not what would you recommend?

    This is a great kit. I use it all the time. Don't bother with the ones that are magnetic. Get this set, it's fun to use. By Jana Huffman on May 27, 2014 .

  • Can you take a picture remotely? Do I need any other accessory to do that?

    you can use the volume up button on your head phones as a shutter release By coffeegirl on April 16, 2014 .

  • is this suitable for the iphone 5c?

    absolutely not for the lens but the support with the small tripod Yes indeed! By cristallin Toullec on January 21, 2014 .

  • does it work with ipod touch 4?

    Hi Andrew,This lens kit is specifically designed for an iPhone 4/4S and will not work with an iPod Touch 4. Hope this helps!Best,… see more Hi Andrew,This lens kit is specifically designed for an iPhone 4/4S and will not work with an iPod Touch 4. Hope this helps!Best,Mynchie/ECO-FUSED see less By Eco-Fused Customer Care on August 3, 2016

  • How tall is the tripod please? I'd like to use it for taking short exercise videos. Thank you

    It is very short and compact. Only about 10cm tall By derek holmes on July 27, 2016 .

  • Me and my friend are wanting to make a YouTube, problem Is we cannot get a camera at the moment. Does this kit create good quality videos?

    You have to go a bit far to make the image clear. I guess it's better for panorama pictures By Viktoriia on September 28, 2014 .

  • I am still able to record videos, correct?

    That is correct, it just allows you to zoom into farther places without losing quality By Kenny Dunn on December 30, 2013 .

  • Does it work with ipod 5? Im sure the case wont perfectly fit due to the slightly curved edges (which iphone 5's dont have) but overall?

    This was purchased for my teen daughter & I want to say she perhaps used it once....and that's a maybe. So, I am sorry I really can't answer your question. By Cathleen Wiley on January 3, 2014 .

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