Telescopic 13

Telescopic 13" to 38" Pole for Gopro Hero

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  • COMPACT ACCESSORY WITH LONG REACH - 13” TO 38” EXTENSION: Super compact when retracted so it is easy to carry in a handbag or backpack. When extended, the pole allows 38” of extra reach so you can capture large group shots or vast scenery.
  • REMOVABLE CRADLE FOR EASY WIFI REMOTE ATTACHMENT (REMOTE NOT INCLUDED): The Wifi remote cradle attaches directly to the pole, so you can easily snap your remote into place and keep it in easy reach to control your GoPro from a distance.
  • EASY TWIST AND LOCK EXTENSION – FULLY ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Twist and lock system allows you to adjust the length to ANYWHERE between 13” and 38”. Simply twist counter clockwise to release, choose your desired length, and twist clockwise to lock.
  • HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM & RUST FREE STEEL THUMBSCREW INCLUDED: The CamKix aluminum thumbscrew can be used as a direct replacement for the standard plastic thumbscrew. Its aluminum and steel construction makes it a much sturdier and durable alternative.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, RUST-FREE ALUMINUM POLE CAN BE USED IN AND UNDER WATER: The rust free aluminum and steel construction will ensure that the pole will remain clean useable after use in salt or fresh water (we always recommend that you dry the pole after use).

    Get Close to the Action with the CamKix Telescopic Pole for GoPro

    The CamKix Adjustable pole for GoPro will enable you to get close to action which would normally be out of reach!

    Extendable from a compact and easy to carry 13” to a far-reaching 38”, the pole can be locked at any length in between using the simple twist and lock system. Just twist counter clockwise to release, choose your length, then twist clockwise to lock.

    The detatchable cradle for the GoPro Wifi remote (wifi remote not included) allows you to easily attach your remote to the pole itself, so that you can conveniently start and stop shooting while your camera is high up in the air.

    The pole is made from lightweight aluminum and can be used in all water based activities due to its rust-free nature. The handle has a soft foam coating for easy grip.

    The CamKix aluminum thumbscrew is used to secure your GoPro to the mount provided, it is a durable, high quality replacement for the standard plastic GoPro thumb screw.

    Also included is an adjustable lanyard which you can secure around your wrist so that your pole will not get far away from you if you accidentally lose your grip.

    One Year Money Back Guarantee - We Value Your Satisfaction

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    1 x CamKix Pole
    1 x Lanyard
    1 x Cradle for Wifi Remote
    1 x Aluminum Thumbscrew

Questions & Answers

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  • Is the tip where the go pro attaches a standard plastic go pro tripod mount or is it an aluminum piece? And does it come with this pole?

    It is a standard go pro tripod mount with a custom screw. It comes with the pole. By DAHiller on April 10, 2015

  • Is the screw hole 1/4-20 where the lanyard attaches? Checking to see if you would be able to attach a mini tripod to the bottom of this pole

    Yes, you can. To make sure I attached it to a tripod I have and it worked. By Master P on February 28, 2015

  • can you use with any under water camera

    It's not designed to float, but I know that CamKix makes one that is designed to float. By Master P on March 25, 2015

  • does it not work for the hero plus?

    If it has a standard tripod mount..yes. By eddie on May 29, 2015 .

  • what is the handle made out of? Foam or Rubber?

    Yes, it seems like it will be waterproof. However, understand that it feels a bit cheap and flimsy. By Keith Tubman on April 4, 2015 .

  • how well does it do in saltwater?

    I have the Hero 3+ Silver and it works fine. Even used it underwater in a swimming pool. By André John on February 5, 2016

  • how big is the thread o the bottom?

    Handle grip is made out of Foam By Ken on March 11, 2015 .