Arm Strap for GoPro

Arm Strap for GoPro

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The Arm Strap can be used to attach a wide variety of devices (for example a Mouth Mount for your GoPro camera) and is designed to keep your hands free. Perfect for keeping your balance on a surfboard/skateboard. Also great for paddling, bodyboarding, climbing and other activities where you use your hands.

The padded arm strap can be adjusted to offer a comfortable but firm fit. On both ends of the coiled cord there are swivel points that can rotate 360 degrees, for maximum freedom of movement.

No matter what trick you are doing, the Arm Strap will always keep the attached device within reach.

The Arm Strap is made of waterproof materials and can be used indoors and outoors for all kinds of (sporting) activities.

CamKix offers a wide selection of GoPro mounts and accessories that you can mix to create your own solution. Need a wide angle? Try the CamKix Premium Telescopic Pole. Need a compact and steady base? Try the CamKix Premium Tripod. The possibilities are endless!


- 1x Arm Strap with coiled cord

Questions & Answers

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  • Will this work for free diving / spear fishing? Or will the vent allow water into the mouth?

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  • Does this work for only the session? Description says hero 5,does that include the hero 5 black?

    The description could be more clear, but what it means is that the kit works for the hero 5 session and hero 4 session (aka original session). The float will only work with the session camera (4 or 5). But, the mount should work with any GoPro, as it is the standard mount attachment. By Justin Todd on December 18, 2016

  • I'd be worried that the leash would make the go pro come back and hit me in the head during a bad wipeout, has anyone had this happen?

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  • does the mouthpiece work with braves?

    Yes By Korey on January 2, 2017

  • How are you supposed to attach this leash to the mount?? Is there a way to extend the leash? Very short.

    I did not understand exactly how you would be able to do so. I'm assuming there is a universal standard attachment point on wet suits. By HammerMan on August 21, 2016

  • Does it work for gopro Hero 3?

    I use mine with the Hero 2. The design of this item is not dependent on the model though. The thumbscrews used on the GoPro housings are universal. By DLD on November 23, 2016 .

  • is this compatable with the gopro hero 5 black?

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  • Does floaty come with strong waterproof adhesive, or just velcro?

    If I were only going in the water, I'd be sure to get a good adhesive and make sure it never disconnected. Using my GoPro in wet and dry, I do want to be able to disconnect the floaty. By DLD on September 21, 2016 .