Water Accessory Bundle for Gopro Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2, 1

Water Accessory Bundle for Gopro Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2, 1

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  • Ideal accessories for use during water based activities: This bundle offers two options to keep your GoPro afloat in the water.
  • floating hand grip can be used as a float, hand grip, or stand: Not only will the floating hand grip keep your GoPro afloat if dropped in the water, it also functions as a stand or hand grip.
  • Float can be permanently attached to, or easily removable from, your housing backdoor: The high quality waterproof Velcro provided offers the option to securely attach and remove your float as necessary.
  • Re-usable anti-fog inserts will prevent moisture build-up in your GoPro housing: The anti-fog inserts absorb moisture and ensure your images are always clear and sharp.
  • Adjustable wrist strap, thumb screw opening tool and microfiber cleaning cloth also included: The adjustable wrist strap can be attached the floating hand grip, opening tool, or any other accessory you want to secure on your person.

    The Perfect Kit for Water Loving GoPro Users This kit of accessories provides a great range of items to make using your GoPro in the water safe and enjoyable. The bobber and floater offer two options for keeping your GoPro afloat in the water. If you need to hold your GoPro steady and have access to the LCD while shooting, the bobber is ideal. Just mount the GoPro on top and use it as a hand grip which also floats if you drop it. The floater attaches to your housing backdoor. It is very light and easily transportable. It can be permanently attached with the waterproof adhesive, or you can use the waterproof Velcro if you want to attach and detach when convenient. The anti-fog inserts can be positioned inside your GoPro housing to prevent moisture build up. Fogging frequently occurs during water based activities and can cause blurry images. These inserts will ensure your photos and video remain sharp and clear Handy adjustable wrist strap, thumbscrew opening tool, and microfiber cleaning cloth also included. Contents 1 x Bobber plus Thumbscrew 1 x floater plus Waterproof Adhesive and Velcro 1 x Adjustable Wrist Strap 1 x Thumbscrew Opening Tool 1 x 20 Pack of Anti-Fog Inserts 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    Model no: W9RB0-ABF-YEL
    UPC: 799456196268

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