Stainless Steel Tether Lanyard - 30 Inch- 3 Pack

Stainless Steel Tether Lanyard - 30 Inch- 3 Pack

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  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS: This kit contains every component you need to create a lanyard specifically suited to your needs. Easy to follow instructions are included with the kit.
  • OPTION TO CREATE MULTIPLE LANYARDS: This kit allows you to create multiple different lanyards, of different lengths, to suit any situation.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GOPRO CAMERAS: Simply attach the tether around the GoPro thumbscrew and attach the other end to your bike, helmet, kayak, jet ski, car, or anything else you wish. Can also be used with any other camera systems or electronic devices you need to secure.
  • SAFE TO USE IN SALTWATER: The lanyard is made from high quality stainless steel which has a transparent plastic coating. It is completely safe to use in saltwater and will not rust.
  • ADD ADDITIONAL SECURITY: The stainless steel rope can be easily attached to anything you need to, and providing additional security to your camera.

    Create Your Own Stainless Steel Tether Lanyard to Suit Your Needs

    Are You Looking for a Tailored Tether to Secure Your GoPro Hero Camera?

    This kit contains all you need to create your own Stainless Steel Tether Lanyard. It acts as extra security for your GoPro Camera while using any adhesive, or magnet mounts.

    Firstly, measure and cut the stainless steel and the heat shrink tube to your desired length and thread the stainless steel wire through the heat shrink tube and compressible metal tube.

    Then, bend the head of the steel back through the compressible metal tube to create a loop of whatever size you wish.

    After making sure the end is inside the tube, use a pair of pliers and squeeze the metal tube to tighten the lock.

    Cover the metal tube with the heat shrink tube. Shrink the tube with a small flame till it tightly fits the metal. This will cover any sharp ends and ensure that delicate surfaces that come into contact with the lanyard are protected.

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Questions & Answers

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  • What is the diameter of the stainless steel cable?

    About 0.8-1 mm By gadi avissar on March 4, 2016 .

  • is it 18-8 (304) stainless or 316?

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  • Is the cable coated in plastic? I worry about it scratching paint if its exposed stainless steel.

    No. just the ends are coated in retractible ruber. By ANDRÉ D. on April 2, 2015 .

  • what type of metal are the crimps made out of?

    Not being an expert of metals, I can say the metal is soft enough to squeeze the cable securely. I have tugged on it to make sure it does hold and it performs well. By Bocifus on September 8, 2015 .