Lens Kit for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - 4in1 - 12x Telephoto

Lens Kit for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - 4in1 - 12x Telephoto

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  • FOUR GREAT LENSES IN ONE KIT: Awesome mobile photography for back or front facing cameras. Includes 4 lenses - 12x zoom telephoto lens with manual focus ring, fisheye lens, macro lens and wide angle lens. Combine with your favorite apps to share photos instantly.
  • HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: The lenses are made from aluminum to increase the durability of the product.
  • WIDE ANGLE AND MACRO LENSES IN A 2-IN-1 SET: These two small lenses are screwed together for easy storage. To use the wide angle, simply attach both lenses to the case provided. To use the macro lens, simply unscrew the wide angle lens.
  • UNIVERSAL PHONE HOLDER CAN BE USED WITH MULTIPLE DEVICES AND MOUNTS: The universal holder can be used with a variety of phones, not just the Galaxy Note 5. It also features a standard tripod socket, so it can be used with most tripods and monopods, not just the one included in the kit.
  • TWO DIFFERENT TRIPOD USES: For use with the fisheye, macro and wide angle lenses: put your phone in the case provided, attach the lens you want to use, place it in the phone holder, and screw onto the tripod. To use with the telephoto lens: put your phone in the case provided, attach the telephoto lens, insert the lens into the holder ring, screw the ring onto the tripod.

    Four Awesome Lenses – Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Photography

    Please note: The macro and wide angle lenses are screwed together.

    Fisheye: This lens will give your images a round, fish bowl effect while also acting as a wide angle lens.

    Wide Angle: With it, you'll now be able to conquer what was once too large a scene to capture. Pop it on and stretch the limits of your lens to get big long cityscapes, large group shots and more.

    Macro: Capture minute details of objects in crisp detail, allows you to really get close to your subject.12x Telephoto Get a clear shot of subjects usually too far away to capture.


    1 x 12x Telephoto Lens
    1 x Fish Eye Lens
    1 x 2in1 Macro and Wide Angle Lens
    1 x Mini Tripod
    1 x Telephoto Lens Holder Ring
    1 x Universal Phone Holder
    1 x Hard Case
    1 x Velvet Bag
    1 x CamKix® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    Compatible with:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    Model no: D0041-LN5-BLA
    UPC: 711099324013 

Questions & Answers

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  • Will this rig setup work for a Galaxy S7 Edge?

    wow...About 1/2", but there's only like 2 threads max on each piece. Couldn't hazard a guess.. By Mike M. on May 18, 2016

  • Looking at getting this for a professional apparel photoshoot. Would this do the trick?

    No, the S7 is smaller. This kit comes with a "case"made for the note, and the lens screw into that case. By Mike M. on April 27, 2016 .

  • can you use a selfie sick with the lense attached?

    . See all 2 answers

  • Can you use any of these lenses for sports pictures like soccer

    Your hand would have to be steady By Amazon Customer on May 26, 2016

  • can you buy a replacement cover ?

    Yes you can. Just as you would without the lenses and just your phone camera. By Amazon Customer on January 3, 2017 .

  • Does the wide angle lens distort the image and does it have any black borders?

    Answer this question

  • Do the legs on a tripod extended if is so how far?

    no it does not distort the image or leave a black border By Amazon Customer on August 4, 2016

  • Would this work with the Galaxy Note 7 Edge?

    Yes. To six inches. By Jan D. Johnson on April 3, 2017 .

  • With the lens can we click the blur background images..? Means I want the Bokeh effect images like DSLR.. Can we do the blur background images..?

    I wouldn't think so. It comes with a case made for the 5 with the lens screw base. By Mike M. on August 29, 2016