Vlog-ready with the CamKix Flexible Cell Phone Tripod and Shutter Remote Kit

With the changes in the environment brought about by the global pandemic, significant number of workforce, the educational system, and lifestyle in general, have shifted to various digital platforms. 

From huddle rooms and conference halls, we're now forced to utilize laptops, tablet PCs or mobile phones to collaborate with our peers. There is also a dramatic increase in the emergence of social media accounts that serve as an online diary, sharing people's day-to-day routine, newly discovered knowledge, passion or hobbies whether to earn an extra income or to simply pass time. 

Regardless if it's for work, school or entertainment, setting up for vlog, video streaming or conferencing can be made simple and easy with the use of CamKix Flexible Cell Phone Tripod and Shutter Remote Kit. The tripod can be used with smartphones or digital cameras. Learn more about this nifty kit:

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