View from the Top: Andrea Calvi's Rise on Social Media

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Nature to Nurture

For someone who grew up being exposed to the vast greatness of the mountains, it’s almost always imperative to have a love for nature ingrained in him. Andrea Calvi, content creator based in Italy, remained interested in hiking and other activities, including kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding or SUP.

Andrea’s interest in outdoor activities led him to photography, and even to taking some photography courses to further his knowledge and skills. And on his Instagram page, (@climbing__life_s__mountain), he compiles photos of his adventures as he shares his passion for the outdoors. He’s also taking advantage of the platform to sensitize people and cultivate respect for nature.

At the age of 36, what used to be his passion was eventually monetized. Now, he would go out, do what he love the most and get paid for it. He managed to secure collaborations with brands such as K&F Concept and N U B E A R ®. Hoping to return the favour, he continues to work each day to create better content that would arouse the interest of his more than 10,000 followers.

Roll-Out Bag with Waist/Shoulder Strap Compatible with GoPro and DJI gears

As CamKix Brand Builder, he tests the CamKix Rollout Bag. What he thinks of the rollout bag:

- I loved it for its versatility, ease of transport and capacity.

- I recommend the accessory to all content creators. The $49.99 price point is also fair for the product’s value.

- It’s perfect for when they go for outdoor activities.

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