Take the CamKix Travel Kit for DJI Mavic Air to your Next Destination

Many of the world's popular destinations with breath-taking views require long hours of travel either by plane or by land. Each trip becomes more memorable when captured using drones. However, utmost care and safety precautions are imperative when traveling while lugging drones around.

As for the power source of your drone, the CamKix Explosion Proof and Fire Resistant Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) bag allows you to store, as well as safely charge two DJI Mavic Air batteries simultaneously. Most international airlines allow passengers to travel with batteries in carry-on luggage, provided they are sealed in protection bags.

Damages in the event of fire can be avoided if the batteries are stored in protection bags when not in use. Take note that charging batteries should never be left unattended, and must always be placed on non-flammable surface. Finally, ensure flap is sealed while charging.

This product is also available in a version that can hold three battery packs.


For more comprehensive protection, the CamKix Travel Safety Pack for DJI Mavic Air includes the battery bag and silicone battery port covers. Made of strong and durable material, the safety caps offer full protection from dust and scratches, and eliminate the risk of short-circuiting.

There are two variants: one that can accommodate two and another which can hold up to three batteries.

To know more about the CamKix Travel Kit and Lithium-ion Polymer bag for DJI Mavic Air, visit our web store or CamKix's storefront on Amazon.

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