Think, Live Creative: Elisa Fedrizzi on Braving the Path to Pursue Living the Life of her Dreams

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Elisa is a young photographer and designer from Cles in Val di Non, Trentino, Italy. She’s a sentimental artist with dynamic creativity, who tells stories through her photographs. She’s a free spirit and always seeking adventure. She’s into trekking and ski touring.
She swapped “positive” in the old adage “Think positive.” with “creative,” thus choosing a path that led to where she is today. At present, she makes a living as a designer and as a photographer.


"The Road Not Taken"

Coming from B. Russell Scientific High School, Elisa is naturally expected to excel in the sciences, but she took the leap and embraced the unknown. She focused on creatives, starting from taking a degree in Interior Design at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia. She graduated with Latin honors. This has opened the doors for her to a deeper approach to design and art. She discovered new sectors and new working environments, including interior design, visual, urban design, web design, graphics and so much more.

Elisa’s first exposure to a camera was when her brother gave her one—even earlier than her college days. She started off with casual photography until she fell in love with it. She decided for herself that her newly discovered passion would later turn into her profession. A year after she completed her degree, photo shoot opportunities came, and she decided to do it full-time.

Elisa started doing freelance photography and design since 2019. She's working with architecture and interior design studios, handling interior design and study phase, creation of 3D photorealistic rendering, 2D drawings and floor plans. She offered her services and took photos of her finished projects in private interiors and accommodation facilities. Oh, the privilege of being able to enjoy being a designer and photographer–two fields she’s very passionate about.

Going Online

Elisa is still using her 10-year-old Instagram account, @elisa_fedrizzi, but has only been consistently sharing her work for the last five years. Her online presence is a collection of personal memories that hope to convey similar emotions that she felt when taking these photos. Like any artist, Elisa encounters episodes of intense self-criticism. It makes it difficult for her to shortlist photos to be published online. During these times, she looks at the sentimental aspect and chooses photos that evoke an emotion—one that reminds her of a certain moment, person or a place.

This young artist collaborates with various local tourist organizations to promote her homeland through her craft. She is surrounded by an equally passionate Instagram community with colleagues who are into outdoor, drone and mountain photography, just like her.

In addition to her socials, she has also created a website, to cater to her professional photography service. She’s a self-taught photographer, but her degree in the Academy of Fine Arts cemented her solid grasp on technique and style.

When asked about maintaining an online presence, her advice for her fellow photographers and content creators: “To be present on social networks, you need perseverance, patience and self-criticism. Publish only quality content.”

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