October Photo Contest Winner: We're Dreamin' Out Cloud!

The entries at the recently concluded CamKix Photo Contest: Dreamin' Out Cloud are indeed dope, and the photo that sent us up to the clouds is the one by Katie (@kmanno). Look at that gorgeous thing!

Our runners up have put up a good fight. Nathan's (@nathansbiking_) red sky is a stunner! 

Katie's (@kmanno) second entry captioned as "Howdy" is a photo of fluffy clouds taken on a plane ride. 

The winner chose the CamKix Diving Filter Kit Compatible with GoPro Hero 6/5. The filter can be attached to the standard waterproof housing of your GoPro HERO 5 camera. It enhances colors and improves contrast in various underwater video and photography conditions. It comes in red, magenta and yellow, and can sustain the depths Used at depths between 20 to 130 feet.

With the simple chip-and-slip system, it's user-friendly Simply clip the filter holder onto the waterproof housing of your GoPro HERO 5 camera and slide in the filter that you want to use.

The package contains a clip-on filter holder, 5 filters for various underwater conditions, tether, cleaning cloth and quick start guide.

This accessory would also work best in taking the best underwater shot which can qualify you to next month's photo contest theme: DIVE AND DISCOVER! 

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