Secure your GoPro, DLSR and Compact Cameras with Wrist Straps and Lanyards by CamKix

When it comes to our cameras, we cannot be careful enough. Aside from theĀ precious photos and videos we take, cameras are expensive! That's why we came up with a wrist strap and lanyard set specifically designed to safely carry your GoPro, DSLR or compact camera.

The wrist strap for GoPro is made of neoprene to ensure durability and a comfortable fit at the same time. It can also be adjusted using the slide to keep the strap firmly in place.Ā TheĀ quick release clip of the wrist strap provides a solid connection and allows you to remove, swap or store your camera easily.

For compact cameras with a small eyelet lug connector, the wrist strap comes with an extra tether. The tripod screw allows you to attach the lanyard or wrist strap to the tripod connection of your camera.

This set comes in wrist strap only, 2-pack wrist strap and 3-pack wrist strap variants. Get it on or on,Ā andĀĀ UseĀ WSTRAP20 upon checkout on Amazon to get a 20% discount!

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    I really like your ‘’Wrist Straps for DSLR and Compact Cameras – 3 Pack – Extra Strong and Durable – Comfortable Neoprene Bracelet – Adjustable Fit ’’ and was wondering if it could be possible to buy them at the same price, but with a custom name on them? (the name of my company).

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