Score the latest CamKix Universal Phone Holder!

Are you having a hard time getting your smartphone in the right position while taking photographs, recording videos or talking to a loved one via video messaging apps? Fret not because the newest CamKix Universal Phone Holder will save you from this trouble.

The phone holder incorporates an extendable and flexible goose neck as well as a ball-and-socket joint that make it easy for users to position mobile phones even on awkward angles. The former offers an effective solution when taking photos or recording videos, while the latter provides a compact solution for functions similar to tripod or monopod.

Chatting on Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps has never been this easy. With a pair of free hands, doing something else while still on the phone is possible.

In addition, couch potatoes will also love this product because it allows for binge watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, HBO Now or HULU. Placing the smartphone according to the user's most comfortable position or angle while talking can be done using this hot CamKix accessory. 

You can also swipe through your favorite e-book, magazine or blog without the need to hold mobile phone steadily. Finally, clamp it to the dashboard or sunvisor of your car for easy GPS navigation or traffic recording. 

The phone holder's strong grip will keep you from worrying about your phone's security. Since it is also adjustable, it can support any smartphone unit or even a phablet.


The CamKix Universal Phone Holder is available on Amazon. Visit our storefront today to buy, and don't forget to enter the code CKCLMP20 to slash 20% off the price.

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