Protect your DJI Mavic Air with the CamKix Controller Transport Clips and Gimbal Cover Lock

We're bringing you two new essential accessories for your DJI Mavic Air: the CamKix Controller Transport Clips and Gimbal Lock and Camera Shield

The Transport Clips are an excellent protective solution for the remote control of your DJI Mavic Air drone. These lock the position of both control sticks during transport of your DJI Mavic Air drone, preventing waggling, bending or even breakage. Best of all, these protectors are tailor-made for the DJI Mavic Air and therefore very easy to install and remove.

CamKix Transport Clips for DJI Mavic Air

The gimbal and camera are the most expensive parts of your drone, so it's more practical and cheaper to shield and protect those parts than to replace them.

Simply attach the 2-in-1 Gimbal Lock and Camera Shield when you want to transport your Mavic Air and remove it when you want to fly it. Locking the gimbal in a fixed position prevents it from twisting, turning, shaking and waggling.

CamKix 2in1 Gimbal Lock and Camera Shield for DJI Mavic Air

Use the code MAVAIR20 to get 20% off the CamKix Controller Transport Clips or the Gimbal Lock and Camera Shield.

Other CamKix accessories are available to enhance the video footage, improve the handling or protect your DJI Mavic Air. You can check them out on Amazon or on

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