Products that will Help you Adapt to the New Normal

Technology has allowed us to change our ways ever since the pandemic happened. Equipped with computers and the Internet, we're able to shift school and work to our homes.

We've rounded up some CamKix and Eco-Fused products that can help better your "new normal."


Achieve amazing photos and videos with the help of a flexible mount. The highly versatile gooseneck holder can wrap around smooth and textured surfaces. Secure your device for online meetings or classes conferences.


Make it easy to access your mobile devices with the use of the mini tripod. It's a recommended item for work-from-home individuals. Hold a smartphone, action or digital camera and webcam steady for photos, videos, online lectures and video conferencing.


This cleaning tool is a clever combination of a microfiber cleaning cloth and a neoprene pouch. Keep it at your hand's reach, on your study desk or workstation to keep your delicate screens free of dirt.


Protect your eyes from blue light. The blue light blocking glasses will allow you to avoid eye strain while working on your computer. 


The clear mini bottles can carry up to 50 ml of liquid toiletries, cosmetics, hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol. A good space-saving accessory for on-the-go individuals. Keep a stash on your desk for convenient sanitizing needs.


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