Photo Contest Winner: A Face in the Mirror

We’re all hyped to see how the participants played with their reflections in the mirror to achieve the most creative shot that they can muster.

Last month, we called for the photo contest joiners to focus on their reflections as we conduct the August Instagram Photo Contest: A Face in the Mirror.

Let’s get down to business, and see the creative shots. Here are the runners up:

“The mirror sees it all,” says the first contestant, Samim Abbas (@shootwithsamim), who used his phone and a mirror in capturing a variety of emotions in his selfies.


 Next up is a colourful photo that is rather vibrant and full of life. Katie’s (@kmanno) photo is taken in The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh. Look at this interesting image.


Finally, the best photo from this month’s batch of entries. A black-and-white image of a man holding a cup. Superb composition and lighting by Rama (@photo_raman)! Congratulations!

Congratulations to the winner and runners up! 

Follow the CamKix monthly photo contest! This month's theme is Let Gratitude be your Attitude. 

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