Our February Instagram Photo Contest Winner Features a Romantic Red Jaguar

Last February was all sorts of romantic as our Instagram contest participants showered us with nice photos fit for our photo contest: ALL THINGS RED. 

We had a hard time choosing the winning photo! They're all attractive. Check out the runners up of the contest:

Escalante's (@escalantepictures) photo of a mini rose measuring 2.5 inches which is three times bigger then the actual flower is in real life. Taken right after a late summer rain, isn't it astonishing? He used the CamKix Macro Lens and his Samsung Active 7 smartphone.

Next up is Athanasios Seliotis' (@athanasios.seliotis) entry: a picture of Leuty Lifeguard Station. We love the symmetry of this photo. 

Our last runner up is a photo taken in Iceland. Check out Ramazan Cirakoglu's (@ramazancirakoglu_photo) picture. We love how the red umbrella pops out!

Finally, the winner of the February Photo Contest: Pete Thomson's (@nikonixt2) "Jaguar in the Highlands." His creativity showed by retaining the color of the automobile while turning everything else black and white on this photo:

His chosen prize is a CamKix Set-of-2 Collapsible and Tulip Lens Hood + Lens Cap.

  • An essential photography accessory -¬†the set contains¬†two rubber lens hoods compatible with all 67mm lenses. It also contains a lens cap.

  • Enhanced photo and video footage - The lens hoods will block excess sunlight for enhanced photography and video footage. Achieve reduced lens glare and flare, and boost the black on your pictures.

  • Collapsible - The rubber lens hood can be folded out in 3 steps to offer different levels of sun shading. The rubber lens hood can be fully collapsed, allowing the user to leave it on the lens and unfold when needed.

  • Tulip-shaped lens hood¬†- Ideal for wide angle lenses as it offers maximum amount of shading without causing vignetting.

Congratulations again and keep on joining the CamKix Instagram Photo Contest! This March, it's BBBeautiful: Bugs, Bees and Butterflies! Visit our Instagram account to know more!

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