New Products: Home and Kitchenware from Eco-Fused

Our affiliate, Eco-Fused, is launching a couple of home and kitchen items. The newest items among the selection includes an organizer for the bedroom and container article for the kitchen.

First off, the Eco-Fused Bedside Caddy. Keeping the bedroom clutter-free is an important element to ensure restful sleep to get ready for another day or hard work. This organizer an all around bag that can be easily installed at the edges of the bed frame or mattress. 

The organizer has large and small pockets that make it an ideal storage for tablet PC, magazines, phone, remote, control, eyeglasses and the likes.

In addition, it puts several items within your reach: wallet, keys, cosmetics, medicine, pens, water bottles, toys, tools, cutlery, tissues and flashlight.

Next is the Eco-Fused Butter Boats.

Butter, when paired with bread, makes for a great and filling breakfast. In common home settings, it can be one of the most common kitchen supply that is often taken for granted.

Eco-Fused Butter Boats keep the spread fresh, even when stored in the fridge over a period of time. It also doubles as serving dish, which can also be used for cheese bars. It's made of durable plastic and includes a transparent cover, and is accompanied by two stainless steel butter knives.

Another essential feature is that it's safe for refrigerator storage. And lastly, the butter boats are dishwasher safe.

Finally, here's the best thing - you can enjoy 20% discount when you buy these items on Eco-Fused storefront on Amazon. Use the code, 

CADBOA20 upon checkout.

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