Check Out These Multipurpose Premium Adhesive Copper Foil Tape by Eco-Fused

Are you a crafter looking for conductive tape for use in arts and crafts, specifically, stained glass window making, scrapbooking and home interior decoration? Your best bet is the Premium Adhesive Copper Foil Tape from our affiliate, Eco-Fused. The foil tape comes in 0.25 in, 0.50 inch, 1 inch and 2 inches widths. 

Premium Adhesive Copper Foil Tape
It's also best used in EMI / RF shielding, paper circuits, electrical repairs and grounding. Both sides of the tape are conductive - any side functions flawlessly when connected to the circuit. When using the tape, make sure that you're working on a clean and flat surface. 


Some resourceful individuals also find the tape useful for repelling slugs.

Get your own rolls from Amazon, and enjoy 20% discount by entering the code EFFOIL20 upon checkout. 

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