March Photo Contest Recap: Winner and Runners Up

Our Negative Space Photo Contest on Instagram concluded on March 31st, and we would like to thank everyone who joined. Here are the runners up and winner:

1. The first photo is by one of our runners up, Pip Spicer (@piprem), who used negative space to create this striking and dramatic photo. 


2. This next entry is by @hugskii who utilized negative space to capture this abstract, but beautiful photo. 


3. Francesco Altamura (@fralta) submitted this awesome entry. He says "The sea in summer is joy, relaxation and fun. But the winter sea is extremely fascinating!"


4. Our last runner up is Francesco Lupparelli (@luppahero) who captured the Eiffel Tower with a unique perspective.


5. Finally our winner for this month's photo contest features a handsome fella named Rango (@chameleon_rango)! The styling of this photo is on point!

Our April photo contest on Instagram with the theme "Reflections" is ongoing. Read more about it here and follow @camkix on Instagram for awesome photos, discounts and freebies!

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