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It’s the good mix of love for travel and passion for photography that landed CamKix Brand Builder Luca Franca to where he is today. He expresses emotions and experiences through his photographs, and described it as: “the thrill of telling my experiences through a click.”

Passion for Photography

Luca is a motorcyclist and started documenting his adventures in 2012. His work - check out his Instagram account @superfriz199 - is well celebrated online and has earned recognition, especially from the GoPro Family Community. It was since GoPro Family Community noticed his works when he realized that his love for photography is deeply rooted from his passion.

In 2017, he went further and took courses to learn about photography and video editing. He familiarized himself with drones and mirrorless cameras. He went to photography, video editing and post-production bootcamp courses.
He studied continuously and also enrolled in online courses and tutorials.

It’s noteworthy that Luca’s continued partnership with GoPro resulted in eight published photos tackling outdoor experience, a trip or a sporting activity, two of which were awarded with cash prizes. He enjoys the perks that he gets as well as the exclusive discounts when purchasing new equipment.

Purveyor of Creativity

A genuine talent and purveyor of creativity, his works transcend digital platforms. A few years back, he came up with a project and created a proposal for his fellow influencers to create a vertical support for GoPro cameras, which wasn’t available in the market yet during the time. Thanks to his experience in design, he’s able to render a model and create a prototype through 3D printing.

Today, he travels in search of new angles to capture. The photos and videos he takes on his trips showcase the beauty of Italy, his homeland.Tourism accounts such as La Grande Belleza (@ig_italia) and Volgo Italia (@volgoitalia) picked up his shots and featured them on their respective Instagram pages. In addition, a dozen of his shots have been selected for use in international tourism fairs held at the Marche Tourism stand.
His advice for photography enthusiasts who are just starting to build their Instagram and Facebook presence online: “Always be yourself. Create an enthusiastic community by giving them more than what you receive: tutorials, lessons, tricks, and spill secrets of your life. Give before you receive—that's the secret.”

CamKix Brand Builder Program

Luca bought his first CamKix Lens Cleaning Kit on Amazon a couple of years ago. That was the first time he encountered CamKix. He shares: “I really like your products because they are very simple, but effective at an affordable price.”

For this partnership, he tried the Electronics Cleaning Tool, and this is what he has to say:
  • I think every photographer should have a lens cleaning kit. I have been recommending it to my friends since the first day I used it.
  • His pro tip when cleaning the gears: “Always clean your lenses and devices after using them. And always clean the lens body upside down so the dust will fall off.”
  • I’m very enthusiastic about the product, so I often recommend it.


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