January Photo Contest: New Year, New Me!

When the clock hits 12 o'clock on the eve of each new year, everyone beams with a fresh new hope for a better life. It gives a great feeling of renewal, having another chance at everything.

But it all begins with the self, as it provides a takeoff point for every endeavour that human yearns to fulfill. As they say, you cannot give what you don't have. 

This year, we encourage self-care, and support personal projects and whatever that would restore your esteem. Let's kickoff the new year with a selfie-themed Photo Contest: New Year, New Me!

Post your selfie, and tell us something new that you ought to do this year. Upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #camkixcontest. Don't forget it so that we can see your entry!

Join our contest and get a chance to win any CamKix item of your choice worth up to $39.99. The selection ranges from camera accessories, GoPro and drone peripherals, cleaning kits, and even accessories for Apple devices!

The contest is open to everyone in the US, Canada, EU and other European markets. We'll accept your entries until January 31, 2019. 

For more promos, contests and awesome travel photos, follow @camkix on Instagram! 


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