Introducing the New Window Blind Cleaner

How often do you clean your window blinds? Perhaps you find it challenging to reach through the slats and get rid of the dust and dirt. Fret not! The newest product of our affiliate is here to the rescue! The Eco-Fused Window Blind Cleaner is a handheld tool that you can use to easily clean window blinds!

The design ensures that blinds can be cleaned with minimum effort. Cleaning the venetian blinds takes less time than usual with this clever tool. Unlike fixed blind dusters, this handheld cleaner can be moved freely from left to right.

The flexible clamp can be gently squeezed for a firm grip while gliding through the slats. This cleaner allows you to wipe the top and bottom of two blind slats at a time giving it extra versatility.

The set has two handheld clamps accompanied by five removable microfiber sleeves in various colors. These sleeves are removable and washable. They are durable enough to withstand frequent use and washing. 

This household cleaning tool can also be used for shades and air conditioner vent covers. You can even use them to clean the horizontal or vertical grill or vents of cars, barbecue or oven grill. 

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