Introducing the Multipurpose Cleaning Brush Kit

Multipurpose and varied, the CamKix Cleaning Brush Kit has everything that you need to take those pesky dust and dirt off.

The kit includes six anti-static brushes, one pair of anti-static tweezers, one painting brush and one microfiber cloth. This little set works pretty well in getting into small crevices of appliances and small household items.

With different types of brushes, getting into hard-to-reach areas that need thorough cleaning is made easier. There is a size available for every dusting that you need! The soft and flexible bristles can also help you dust off corners and gaps.

In the kit are seven brushes, six of which are anti-static except for the paint brush with orange bristles. These anti-static brushes are perfect for use in electronics, computers, PCBs, keyboards and more. They are also safe to use on capacitors, resistors and other electronic parts.

Each brush has a handle made of durable plastic and nylon bristles. There's a brush that is suitable to clean window tracks, car interior, grout, coffee grinder and even dryer vents. The different styles are good for a variety of applications and will not leave scratches.

The handy and practical set is great to keep in your home. Also recommended to have in your office, car or truck. 

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