Introducing the Eco-Fused Wireless Doorbell Set

Smart home devices are commonly used these days. Elevating the extent by which home owners control the house, tech savvy individuals use these advanced tools. However, they come at a price, and because of this reason, there are still a significant number of home owners who utilize trusted home improvement devices. For instance, wireless doorbells.

Our affiliate, Eco-Fused, introduces an additional product to its Home and Kitchen lineup: the Wireless Doorbell Set.

The Wireless Doorbell Set offered by Eco-Fused includes a wall socket chime or the receiver, and two push-button panels or the transmitters. Added to the pack are batteries, and industrial-grade adhesive tapes, instruction manual and a cleaning cloth.

Installing the doorbell set will never be a problem. It’s easy as 1,2,3 - just attach the wireless chime on any indoor wall socket, and using the padded adhesive tape, stick the push button panel on a clean, dry surface. The latter can be placed almost anywhere, within reach: near the front door, next to a bed or even keep it in your pocket.

The music and the volume of the sound are both customizable. There are 36 ringtones to choose from and four volume levels: high, medium, low and silent.

The receiver features an LED indicator to boost the alert. It is suitable for noisy environment, or for a place where individuals with hearing impairment stays.

Senior citizens who need to call the attention of their caregiver at home or at care institutions can also use the doorbell. Just note that any metal surface or mesh can reduce the signal transmission.

As for its introductory offer, get it from Amazon as a discounted rate! Enter the code and enjoy 20% discount!

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