Introducing the CamKix USB Type C Accessory Kits

We're launching yet another functional accessory bundle compatible with most, if not all, portable devices and computers nowadays: The CamKix USB Type C Accessory Kits.

Let’s go over a brief history about USB connectors first. 

We were all used to USB Type A - this is what we’ve been familiar with as it accompanied the predecessors of our electronic computing devices. The interface is heavily used in flash drives and external hard drives.

Printers, on the other hand, typically connects through USB Type B. Following is another common type: Micro USB which we normally see as it is widely used with smartphones, tablets, even until today. 

Lastly, the Mini USB which is commonly integrated in GPS units and digital cameras, is being rapidly displaced in the industry.

With the efficiency of USB Type C in terms of power, speed and form factor, it is set to replace all the other types. In fact, the shift of the manufacturers are already underway (source: Gadgets and Tech Guide). More and more USB Type C-compatible devices are being made available in the market. Hence the advent of compatible accessories.

CamKix takes part in this shift unveiling an array of USB Type C Accessory Kits - these include neck lanyards and wrist straps with compatible connectors.


The connectors can be used with smartphones, handheld game consoles, compact cameras, Bluetooth headsets / speakers, MP3 players, and other portable devices. 

The USB lanyard functions as a charger as well. Use it like any usual USB cable to connect a portable device to a power source such as notebook, power bank or a USB power charger.  It can also facilitate data transfer from or to any portable device. 

A tiny plastic clip joins both ends together, converting the cable to a lanyard, which can be used to safely carry any portable device. 

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