Introducing the CamKix USB Type C Accessory Kit

We're launching yet another functional accessory bundle compatible with most, if not all, portable devices and computers nowadays: The CamKix USB Type C Accessory Kit.


Let us understand the different types of USB cables and ports first.

USB Type A - This is the standard connector, found on one end of almost every USB cable. It's a rectangular connector that only fits in one way. You will also  find several USB-A ports on virtually every desktop computer and laptop. Many TVs, game systems, cars, media players, and other devices have one or more, too.

USB Type B - This is an older connector that's not used nearly as often nowadays. It's almost square at one end, and usually plugs into a printer or similar device. Other than these uses, it's been largely overtaken by the newer ports such as below.

Mini USB - As the name suggests, this is a smaller connection type that's good for mobile devices. It's been largely superseded by micro-USB, but you'll still find it on some cameras, MP3 players, and other such devices.

Micro USB - This is a tiny connector that's popular on all kinds of portable devices. Everything from Android phones to external battery packs to Bluetooth headphones uses a micro-USB port. However, some smartphones have moved onto the newer USB-C port.


What is USB Type C?

This is the newest USB standard. Unlike older cables, which usually have USB-A on one end and another type on the other, USB-C can connect two devices that both have USB-C ports. Also different from the above types, it's reversible.

USB-C is slowly being adopted by device manufacturers. Many newer Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy models and Google Pixel devices use USB-C. Apple's newest MacBook and MacBook Pro models only feature USB-C ports, as well.

If you know about USB-C, you may have also heard about the Thunderbolt hardware interface. This is a standard that allows a USB-C port and cable to transfer data at speedy rates, connect to high-resolution displays, and perform other tasks.

CamKix takes part in this shift unveiling an array of USB Type C Accessory Kits - these include neck lanyards and wrist straps with compatible connectors. Learn more below:


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