Instantly Clean your Screen with the CamKix 2-in-1 Screen Cleaning Spray Bottle and Cloth

2in1 Screen Cleaning Spray Bottle and Cloth


How do you keep fingerprints off your device when traveling? We've got the answer for you: our 2-in-1 Screen Cleaning Spray Bottle and Cloth!

The kit contains two microfiber screen wipers, each with an integrated spray bottle containing an effective cleaning fluid.

The bottle itself functions as a screen wiper, so you never need to search for a cloth. Instantly clean the surface of your phone, tablet or laptop by simply spraying and wiping.

The screen wiper is shaped like a block with a soft microfiber cloth wrapped around it. After applying some spray, you can use the flat sides of the cleaning block to polish the screen of your phone, tablet, TV, notebook or desktop computer.

The antibacterial cleaning spray and microfiber cloth will make dust and fingerprints disappear instantly. The spray bottle is refillable.

Best of all, you can take this spray anywhere with you because the compact size 2-in-1 screen wiper fits into your pocket or bag. The transparent cover will protect the durable microfiber cleaning cloth and the integrated spray bottle.


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