Instant Handheld Gaming with the CamKix Bundle for PS4 Controller

Spoil the gamer within using the CamKix Phone Mount and Silicone Skin for PlayStation 4! Transform PS4 controllers into a handheld game station in a blink of an eye.


Enjoy instant mobile gaming - simply connect the smartphone to the PS4 and cast the video and audio output directly to the mobile unit. Just note that PS4 Remote Play application is downloaded on the mobile phone, and the PS4, PS4 controller, and WiFi network are all compatible.

The silicone skin offers not just anti-skid feature, but extra comfort as well. Meanwhile, the handheld mount can also be used to enjoy mobile games that can be played using the PS4 controller. It features an adjustable viewing angle for your maximum comfort. That's some multi-functional gear!


You can find the CamKix Phone Mount and Silicone Skin for PlayStation 4 at the CamKix website or on Amazon.

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