Hobbyist Getting the Best of Both Worlds: Photography and Mountain Biking

A fifteen-year-old photography and mountain biking enthusiast from North Yorkshire, Nathan Cartwright (@nathansbiking_), gets his hand on the CamKix Collapsible RubberLens Hood and Tulip Lens Hood.

According to him, he became inclined with photography learning that it’s what one makes of his surroundings. True enough, the environment is reeking with positive vibes and sceneries if only we look beyond the mundane.

One year into his hobbies, he’s engaging with collaborative projects with outdoor gadgets and camera / accessories brands. He maximizes the grid feature of Instagram to showcase his works.

Here’s what he has to say about the CamKix Collapsible RubberLens Hood and Tulip Lens Hood:

  • What do you like most about this accessory?

It really helps to eliminate lens flares and brings out the black in videos and photos.

  • Do you think the price of the accessory is worth it?


  • What are your tips to other enthusiasts who would be using this accessory?

To try different angles when taking a photo or shooting videos.

  • Can you share some pro tips on how to use and maintain this product?

You simply screw it onto the threads on your cameras lens, make sure the CamKix logo is at the top. And to maintain keep the lens hood detached when your not using it and keep it clean with the Camkix cleaning kit.

  • How much would you recommend this item to other buyers?


  • Share some photography techniques that other CamKix fans can try with this product.

They can get darker shadows to help bring the subject out and make it pop.

  • Anything else that you want to share about your experience using the product?

The lens hood is a game changer it allows so many opportunities for great photos and videos.

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