Gianmarco Fermi: Steering Go Power Community

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The man behind the celebrated Go Power Community, Gianmarco Fermi, is a 29-year-old native of Italy, highly interested in action photography. He wants to immortalise the beauty of nature and take one-of-a-kind photographs.

Seven years ago, Gianmarco started shooting with action cameras. He decided to share his work online through his personal Instagram account, @instagianm. Gunning to meet like-minded individuals, he, together with Domenico Bonito (@dome.bonito) established Go Power Community (@gopower_community). They began organising an online community where they hold group outings and events, and facilitate convergence of people with the same passion. All of these without profit or any economic gains.

Joining the Go Power Community requires nothing but a deep rooted passion for photography. Exchange of ideas and lessons to hone one another’s craft is free and encouraged. They collectively improve their skills in photography while showcasing the beauty of Italy one Instagram post at a time.

With more than 17,000 followers and counting, the community’s Instagram account features photos from its members. They look for photos with outstanding originality, superb composition, uniqueness and action.

Go Power Community is envisioned to establish a knowledge repository that would help the affiliates to learn more. The founders’ ultimate goal is to be able to subdivide the group and create shooting units in various regions of Italy.

Gianmarco has a piece of advice for other enthusiasts who have just started sailing: “To still have a goal and to never give up even when your goals are defeated and if at the beginning, everything is not as you hope them to be.”

Camkix Collaboration

Gianmarco has been working with CamKix for quite some time. It’s not his first time using CamKix photography accessories, including filters and monopod. He’s in favour of almost all of the products that he has tried as he vouches for their quality, durability and affordable price. “CamKix has a varied selection of accessories. Choose the most suitable for your gear and you won’t regret it. These products are perfect and do great jobs.”

In selecting which product to purchase, his advice is, “You must know why you want a product, and already have in mind what kind of shots or videos you want to make.

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