Get your Fur Babies the Eco-Fused Pet Care: Brush and Clipper Kit

Caring for your pet is a nice thing to do especially when grooming tools are a few clicks away! Our affiliate, Eco-Fused, is introducing two sets of grooming tool bundles!

The first set is a couple of Eco-Fused Pet Brushes (in small and large) to keep your pet's coat shiny and clean. Regular brushing removes knots and tangles. It also works to remove the excess hair when your pet is shedding. 

The brush is wide and would easily cover the coat of your pet dog or cat. The bristles of the slicker brushes have rounded tips to massage and protect the skin of your pet. It's handle is made with non-slip handle for a solid and comfortable grip.

The second bundle is composed of Eco-Fused Pet Brush and Nail Clipper. 

It's not just a cosmetic chore to cut the nails of your dog, cat or other pet. Nails that are too long can cause all sorts of discomfort and even pain. The Clipper can also be used in nail filing. Paired with the small Pet Brush, this makes for a perpetual grooming kit for your fur babies. 

As an introductory offer, you can get any of these pet care bundle at 20% off on Amazon. Just enter the code EFPETS20 upon checkout.

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