Get Four Awesome Lenses in One with the CamKix Lens Kit for your iPhone X

Enhance your mobile photography game further with the CamKix Lens Kit for Apple iPhone X. The set comes with four awesome lenses: 

CamKix 4in1 Lens Kit for Apple iPhone X

8x Telephoto: Helps you get a clear shot of subjects usually too far away to capture.

Fisheye: Gives your images a round, fish bowl effect.

Macro: Captures amazing close-ups in crisp detail.

Wide Angle: Allows you to capture larger scenes. For example, long cityscapes and large group shots.


All lenses are made from aluminum for increased durability. What's more, this kit comes with a universal holder that can be used with a variety of phones, not just the iPhone X. It also features a standard tripod socket, so it can be used with most tripods and monopods.

To use the tripod with the telephoto, fisheye, macro or wide angle lens: you need to put your phone in the case provided, attach the lens you want to use, place it in the phone holder and screw onto the tripod.

The CamKix Lens Kit for iPhone X comes in two variants. The other variant includes our best-selling Bluetooth-certified remote shutter.

CamKix Lens Kit for iPhone X with Bluetooth Camera Remote

Both lens kits are available on and Amazon. Use the code IPHXLENS to get 20% off on these products!

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