Filter out Scattered Light from your DJI Mavic Air Footage with the CamKix PL Filter

Is scattered light ruining photos or video footage from your DJI Mavic Air drone? Then you should grab a CamKix PL Filter made especially for the DJI Mavic Air.

The CamKix polarizing (PL) filter eliminates scattered light from a certain angle to prevent reflections, for example in windows or water. So, when you keep the camera at that specific angle, you will get the best results.

CamKix PL Filter for DJI Mavic Air

Besides better footage of transparent items such as water or glass, the polarizing filter also allows you to capture outdoor scenes with deeper color tones. For example: saturated blue skies with dramatic clouds, improved appearance of trees or extra colorful rainbows.

Use the CamKix PL Filter to enhance your footage. If the original source footage that you capture with your DJI Mavic Air camera is better, it will be easier to get enhanced results in post production. 

The kit contains a polarizing filter (PL), a filter storage box and a cleaning cloth, and is available on Amazon and Use the code below to get a 20% discount!

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