Fantastico Abruzzo: Exploring the Mountains with Fabio Santovito

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Fabio is a mountain climbing aficionado propelled to share the beauty of his homeland, Abruzzo. He started establishing his online presence through @fantasticoabruzzo, a personal account on Instagram which he created in 2014. He showcased his love for trekking, hiking, mountain biking and camping through the page. His activities are also quite a perfect fit with the geographical makeup of the place where he lives. 
Fabio’s online identity, Fantastico Abruzzo, is a vow to the magnificent mountainous region of Italy found at the east of Rome, Abruzzo. His feed wows its viewers with landscapes, nature parks and reserves at the hillside area found at the locale.

This 36 year-old photography enthusiast who recently joined CamKix’s pool of Brand Builders, not just shows his beautiful land through photos. He also guides like-minded individuals who want a firsthand experience of the mountains by organising group tours. He has put together group treks to Piana del Voltigno, Pennapiedimonte  and Monte Camicia to name a few. Soon he will be obtaining a hiking guide certificate which will solidify his ultimate plan when he started Fantastico Abruzzo--to make other people discover the marvels of Abruzzo. 
With more than 16,000 followers on Instagram, Fabio still does not consider himself “popular.” Had he chosen to highlight the tourist spots that Italy is known for worldwide, he said he would have gained greater popularity. But his penchant for the mountains and sincere goal to promote his home by sharing photos of Abruzzo online is enticing locals and tourists alike to explore this hidden gem in the country. 
Being a CamKix Brand Builder, Fabio tries our product: the Memory Card Storage Case with Micro SD Reader (USB), and here’s what he has to say:
  • Great tool to organise SD cards 
  • Compact design 
  • Smart configuration 
  • Useful camera accessory to carry around 
“I really appreciated the memory storage because I have a lot of SD cards and every time I go outside, it is a nightmare to have them under control.”
His advice for other enthusiasts who are just starting to build their following online: “Be yourself, be constant and be sincere.” 


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