Exploring Nature and Landscapes with Martina Zomer


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Martina’s passion for landscape photography is deeply rooted from her love for nature. As a child, she would try to capture the view before her eyes using her dad’s film camera. Being able to immortalise the magnificent view and to convey her emotions through photos are what sparked her interest in photography.

Being surrounded by nature and capturing its beauty through her lens make her feel good. A quick look on her Instagram account (@zommylens), and  you’ll see vast landscapes of lush greens, macro shots of flowers and different perspectives of bodies of water. The snaps that she takes help her remember the emotions that she feels in those moments, and in turn share this experience and emotion with her audience.

She first created her Instagram account in 2015, sharing random photos. She took a leap to deepen her passion when she was gifted a Nikon D3200 by her parents. Martina then attended classes to learn the basic techniques of photography. About two or three years ago, she began taking photos more seriously, and more recently, upgraded her gear to Sony Alpha ii mirrorless camera.

She’s gotten her hands on portrait photography, and discovered that it’s something that also interests her and would love to explore more in the future.

The efforts have been paying off as she started being tapped by brands including, @beyondborderscollective, @stokeandwokeclothing, @apeman_official, @kfconcept and @saal_digital.

At 25, one can say that her photography journey has finally taken her somewhere, but for Martina, it has just begun. She believes she still has a lot to learn and experience.

Her advice for content creators hoping to build a huge following online: “Be yourself, remain humble and respect who and what surrounds us.” She remains true to her advice and is still very warm and accommodating even with 6.3k followers on her Instagram, and counting. 

CamKix Brand Builder Program

Through her online network, she found out about the CamKix Brand Builder Program. And it’s finally her turn to become one!

We sent her the CamKix Chest Mount Harness for her to try. Her main takeaway:

  • I like the fact that it's truly comfortable to wear and provides an insane stability. It almost seems not to have it on!
  • If you use action cameras, it’s the right accessory for you, because it allows you to capture excellent videos without using your hands. In addition to the harness, there is also a comfortable bag in which to store it and with which it can be easily transported
  • Super recommended!


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