Enjoy Fuss-free Gaming with the CamKix Playstands for Nintendo Switch

One of the accessories a Nintendo Switch owner must have is a stand for the Nintendo Switch. 

Although the Nintendo Switch comes with a kickstand, it only has one angle, and you cannot charge the device while using the kickstand.

The CamKix Playstand Set for Nintendo Switch comes with two playstands. You can choose from three viewing angles and adjust the stand according to your preference.  

Choose from three playing angles.

Aside from an adjustable viewing angle, this playstand holds the Nintendo Switch high enough to let you connect to a charger or keyboard.

The bottom of the playstand has a rubber grip making sure that the stand does not move when placed on a tabletop. 

The best part is, it has a collapsible design so you can easily slip this stand into a bag and carry it with you when traveling. 

The CamKix Set of 2 Playstands for Nintendo Switch is available on camkix.com and on Amazon.

Get it for 20% off when you use the code: STANDS20.

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