Eco-Fused Unveils Self Adhering Bandage for Animals

Our affiliate, Eco-Fused, has a new release in its product lineup: Self Adhering Bandage for Animals. Pet lovers would love this!

In the absence of veterinarians, humans should be able to provide first aid to their pets, and in the arsenal of first aid supplies, bandages are a necessity.

The product offers support or stress relief for muscle, tendons and joints of animals. The bandage helps relieve pain and stress. It's elastic, easy to apply and flexible enough to adapt to the body part of the animal.

The bandages, made of lightweight, breathable and water repellant material sticks well, but not on the animal's fur. There are bandages suitable for dogs, cats, and horses. 

Every pack contains three rolls each of 5 cm-wide and 2.5 cm-wide bandages that are 15 feet in length. 

As an introductory offer, you can buy the Self Adhering Bandages from Eco-Fused's Amazon storefront, and enjoy 20% discount. Just enter the code ANIBAND2 upon checkout. 

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  • Is it ok for a cat…the back leg due to knee injuries

    Guylaine Cantin

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