No more unwanted smell with the Eco-Fused Deodorizing Balls

The newest Eco-Fused product available in the market is a set of home remedy for unwanted odors: The Eco-Fused Deodorizing BallsĀ 

The Eco-Fused Deodorizing Balls promise to remove unwanted odors in footwear, gym bags, lockers and cabinets. These odor busters are available in two scents: Oriental Flower and Ocean Fresh. They provide a long-lasting clean fragrance and can be used repeatedly and will last up to 2 months.Ā 

The deodorizing balls come in a set of eight. They are round and compact, easy to carry and measures 3.9 cm in diameter each.

Using it is simple. Just twist the ball to release the scent, place it in your desiredĀ area and leave it for a few hours. Once you're done, twist it again to close. Store it safely and use as often as you need.

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