Clearer Vision with CamKix Cleaning Kit for Eyeglasses

Our newest product is made for individuals who seek help from eyeglasses for a clearer vision: the CamKix Cleaning Kit for Eyeglasses. There are two variants under this offer: (1) pack with cleaning spray and (2) kit with wet wipes.

Both kit has a cleaning tool with 2 soft pads, allowing you to clean the front and rear side of the eyeglass lens simultaneously. Two extra sets of the washable pads are provided.  

It's safe and removes dirt, fingerprints, dust and smudges without damaging your lenses. The cleaning kit is also ideal for sunglasses.

Lastly, each kit has three non-abrasive microfiber cleaning cloth which you can use to wipe your eyeglasses especially after using the cleaning spray or wipes. You may also use this to clean other glass surfaces or mobile devices! 

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