CamKix Releases New DSLR Camera Accessories

Calling all DSLR photography enthusiasts! We at CamKix have been very busy developing new DSLR camera accessories just for you. Here are some of them:

The CamKix Camera Lens Hoods include a collapsible rubber lens hood and a tulip flower lens hood. The rubber lens hood can be folded out in 3 steps to offer different levels of sun shading. Because the rubber lens hood can be fully collapsed, you can leave it on your lens so you can always use it when you need it. 

The tulip flower lens hood, on the other hand, is ideal for wide-angle lenses. It offers a maximum amount of shading without causing vignetting. The tulip flower lens hood can be attached to the lens in a reversed position to allow a more compact storage. These are available for 52 mm, 58 mm and 67 mm lens sizes. Variants of this set also include a lens cap or a second collapsible rubber lens hood.



The CamKix Step Up Lens Filter Adapter Rings comes with 9 different adapter rings. This set allows you to fit larger-sized lens filters on a lens with a smaller diameter, eliminating the need for a new set of filter adapter rings every time you buy a new lens. Sizes include 37-49 mm, 49-52 mm, 52-55 mm, 55-58 mm, 58-62 mm, 62-67 mm, 67-72 mm, 72-77 mm and 77-82 mm rings.

The CamKix Wireless IR Shutter Remote Controls allow you to control the shutter of your DSLR camera wirelessly. You can use it from distance of up to 16 feet (5 meters). The shutter remote control works flawlessly with cameras that are equipped with an infrared sensor. This product is available in two variants: one for Nikon/Canon cameras and one for Sony Cameras.



Take your DSLR camera photography to the next level with these new DSLR camera accessories by CamKix.

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