A Young Filmmaking Enthusiast from England Reviews the CamKix Camera Tether

Finley Ratnett, a young videography enthusiast from Bristol, England connected with us and shared his passion on filmmaking. At an early stage of 13, he has already started working with international brands to do product reviews. He creates his own content, puts them together and showcases them on his YouTube channel: Finley.

Finley has no formal training, but is fueled by his great interest in making short films and videos. He learned and explored the field and eventually was able to come up with content. He really enjoys using the technical equipment to make videos. He used to share his output to his family and friends, but thanks to Internet, he’s now able to extend his viewership.

Finley got to try the CamKix Camera Tether with Carabiner. It's a package containing three camera tethers integrating a carabiner at one of its ends.  

As an extra tip, it is highly advisable to attach more than one tether for extra protection, in case the other one don't work how it's supposed to.

CamKix Camera Tether | Photos by Finley Ratnett


Here’s what Finley has to say:

What impressed you about the CamKix Camera Tether with Carabiner?
Protects my camera from getting damaged if it was to fall from my monopod.

Is it worth the price?

What are your tips to others who would be interested to buy the product?
Go for it if you use a monopod and worry about your camera falling off of it!

Can you share some pro tips on how to use this product?
Make sure the tether is fully secured to your camera.

Would you suggest this product to other filmmakers, both professional and non-professional? How likely would you recommend this item to other buyers?
I would definitely recommend this product to you if you are worried about your camera falling off of the monopod

Anything else that you want to share about your experience using the product?

It has a really good design to it and it is very nice to handle. I have used this with my Canon 1200D and Fujifilm S4000.

CamKix Camera Tether | Photo by Finley Ratnett


Finley made a demo and product review on his YouTube channel. Watch it here

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