A New Outdoor Adventure Companion from Eco-Fused

We got a bit too excited for summer, as our affiliate, Eco-Fused, introduces the Water Shoes with Rubber Soles. An upgrade from the Water Socks that we've previously released, this product integrates more sturdy and durable soles for optimum protection while enjoying your day out!

A day at the beach or at the poolside is extra pleasant having a pair of Water Shoes to protect your feet against sand, cold or hot water, UV rays, stones, pebbles, shells and more.

Made of non-slip sole and breathable material, the pair is ideal for swimming, beach volleyball, snorkeling, sailing, surfing, yoga or even walking. 

The flexible / elastic material used for the upper sole allows you to slip on the water shoes with great ease. They will quickly adapt to the shape of your feet Available in small, medium and large. 

As an introductory offer, you can enjoy the product at 20% discount! Just go to our Amazon storefront, and enter the code below upon checkout. 

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