A New Chapter for Camkix

Five years ago, the Camkix team set off with a big mission: to make wonderful accessories for photographyEvery vision starts somewhere; ours started somewhere between a tiny apartment in Shenzhen and a huge ranch in Wyoming.

We started building and developing the accessories we wanted to exist and selling them on the platform we knew most about: AmazonSince those early days, our efforts to make the best accessories possible have been directly inspired by the Camkix community.

Inspired by the surfers, hikers, photographers, selfie-takers and heroes who've helped make Camkix what it is today. Inspired by the tweeters, the Instagrammers, and the Camkix VIPs who've captured countless memories with our products.

We share your passion and it drives us every day.

This is why last Monday, Camkix hit an important milestone. After five fantastic years on Amazon, we've successfully launched our first online web-store. You can now go directly to our site, make an account, pay for and track your orders of our whole assortment, all with a brand new, easy-to-use UI and user experience.

With all the feedback we've had over the last years, we spent over a year at Camkix designing and building a brand-new siteThe focus for this web-store is you, the customer, and what drives you. That's why we're rolling out new features (slowly at first).
Camkix Passions are collections of products based around the activities you enjoy. We're also rolling out our new feature to Shop by Feed, letting you have your best pictures featured on our front page.

We've also pushed out our new search feature. We realized that having all our products in a huge list is unhelpful. Our new store is "search-first". This means you can start typing a product, activity, or device in the search bar and our AI will automatically start recommending accessories for you.

All these features are in their early stages and we have many more updates in the weeks to come. To the millions of customers who have bought Camkix products in the past, we dedicate this new site to you. Thank you for being with us along the way.
If you haven’t already signed up for an account we highly recommend you do so. The site will only be available in the US but we plan to roll-out our other markets in Europe in Asia in the very near future. Should you have any questions or need help, please let us know.
Thanks again for all your support and feedback over the last five years. We’re excited to be entering this next phase of an even-more-awesome Camkix.

Archie Hicklin
Product Lead at Camkix


  • I have the 4 camera quick install tripod mount screws with lanyards. comes with two wrist straps and two lanyards, I can’t see how you do it for the price. Of course I have only just received these so cant say how strong or how long they will last but they look ok to me

    Graham Baker
  • Bought the lens &remote &tripod kit it’s fantastic ,thanks for a great product it works really well with my oukitel 6000

    Leonard Hale
  • Congrats! I hope you do well!

    Bj Binette

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